Instrument Repair, Maintenance, and Rental Services

Piano tuning and maintenance

With over 35 years of tuning experience and many years as a member of the Piano Technician’s Guild, Chuck Vetter, {} owner of Sounds Great, can keep your piano in top playing condition. Because of the number of strings, moving parts and variabilities of any piano, it requires many years to become a proficient tuner/technician.

Chuck’s typical service area is the central part of Kansas, but he does travel a larger region when there is sufficient call.

Chuck has also provided concert tuning and regulation services for artists like ...

Call Chuck at (620) 241-6322 for pricing in your area.

Digital Piano & Organ Maintenance

Sounds Great provides service for many digital piano models as well as modern electronic organs. We also provide warranty service for Kawai digital pianos and Allen organs. Call Michael {} at (620) 241-6322 to solve your instrument’s “woes”.

Instrument Rental

Pianos and organs are available to rent for an event or long-term. We have a variety of grand pianos, upright pianos, digital pianos, and organs that are available for rent. Call Chuck at (620) 241-6322 to discuss your rental requirements.

Instrument Transport

Pianos are a thing of beauty that command respect in the moving process. There is no substitute for experience and the right tools to assure a successful trip for your treasured instrument. Call us at (620) 241-6322 for a professional piano move.

When you call (620) 241-6322 to schedule a move, please have ready the brand and size [height in inches for upright or overall length in inches for grand]. Also please note height [inches] of steps (up or down) and any landings or turns shorter than 6 feet. This will help us have the right number of personnel and equipment for a safe move.

Sound System Consultation

Expectations for sound system performance have changed. Loudness has been supplanted by intelligibility. Input counts and types have multiplied. Wireless microphones have increased while available airwaves have dwindled.

A sound system integrator does more than sell you new equipment. He identifies issues in your system and how to get the best “bang” for your buck. Call Michael {} at (620) 241-6322 to schedule a pro audio sound system consultation.