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Sounds Great stocks a variety of new Kawai and Hailun pianos including: grands, uprights, and digitals. See below for our current stock of new instruments.

Small Baldwin Grand with Full Size Sound

Baldwin - BP148-HPE 4'10

A grand piano naturally becomes the focal point of any room, and if your space is limited, you'll want to fill it with the finest piano built. The Baldwin BP148 is the best in its class. At exactly 4'10", the BP148 is one of the smallest grand pianos in its class, but its compact dimensions never equate to a downsized sound.

To ensure integrity, each part of this grand is carefully chosen for its uniformity and performance. The soundboard and rib material are made fro...

Mid-Sized Baldwin Beauty and Sound

Baldwin - BP165-HPM 5'5

This grand easily delivers the sweet, singing tone you'd expect from a much larger instrument, while retaining the full visual impact of having a legendary Baldwin grand piano in your living space. At 5'5" in length, the BP165 is easily at home in a room where a full-sized grand just won’t work, but its more compact dimensions never equate to a diminutive sound.

The soundboard and rib material are made from solid Alaskan Sitka spruce, while the bridge is made from hard ma...

Baldwin Beauty and Concert-Sized Sound

Baldwin - BP190-EBY 6'3

At 6'3" in length, the BP190 becomes the focal point of a medium-size room, while still maintaining full visual weight and presence in a larger space, all the while delivering a sound worthy of the largest grand. This piano easily delivers the full, rich tone you'd expect from a much larger instrument, and retains the full presence and prestige of having a legendary Baldwin grand piano in your living space.

Baldwin’s commitment to the art of crafting concert-quality grand ...

The best selling studio piano.

Baldwin - B243 Studio Upright

First introduced in 1939, the Baldwin B243 models are the company’s best-selling of all-time, with nearly 500,000 units sold worldwide. Quality, efficiency and perfect performance meet head-on in this distinct studio upright. Rarely do you see such a combination of playability and durability, designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s versatile pianists.

The B243’s Full Blow™ Direct Stealth Action delivers an exceptionally responsive touch, and the length of i...

Impressive Tone in a Versatile Vertical

Baldwin - BH125

At 125cm (49 inches) tall, the BH125 vertical piano is built to dimensions that easily accommodate a large soundboard for a deep, powerful tone. The BH125 follows the Baldwin Scale Design, a precise “recipe” to determine optimum shape of sounding area, placement of bridges, and strike points, to produce a full, deep bass, sparkling highs and a rich tone all across the frequency range. Its features strings by Mapes or Roslau with longer speaking lengths than common uprig...

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EP - 3 Digital Piano

With its powerful built-in speaker system, acclaimed Harmonic Imaging sound technology and 88-key graded-hammer action, the Kawai EP3 is the ideal portable digital piano for the road, the studio, the classroom or home.

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CA - 63 Digital Piano

The new CA63 brings a unique soundboard speaker system. By harnessing the warmth and projection of a real wooden soundboard, the CA63 delivers the true sonic experience of an acoustic piano.

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HG - 198

The Chinese-made Hailun pianos are uniquely designed by piano masters from the West and are manufactured in a privately owned and operated facility that bears the owner's name, Hailun Chen. This model was designed and scaled by the highly regarded, George F. Emerson.

The 6-foot 5-inch Hailun HG-198 is the grand for imaginative solo or chamber music performances. It combines a majestic sound with the gracefulness and articulate playing. The HU-198 beautifies any home surr...

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HG - 178

The Hailun 5-foot 10-inch HG-178 professional Grand Pianos is powerful, clear and expressive. Homes, churches, schools, teaching studios and small performance stages are the ideal location for the HG-178. In addition to its tonal depth, its pleasant resonance suits all musical settings. Finishes: Ebony Polish with Birdseye detailing, Mahogany Polish, Walnut Polish.

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HU - 121

Why HAILUN? • China highest quality piano and top brand name piano manufacturer • ISO9001:2000 CCIC Certificate & Technic International Standard Award • Supplier of piano parts to Kawai Piano Co • Cooperation with Top European Piano Makers such as Bechstein Piano Co and Petrof Piano Co ...