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Guitarist's Line Array

Fishman - SA220

Is it a PA system?

Is it a guitar amplifier?

It is BOTH!

Designed for the singer/songwriter, the SA220 Solo Performance System provides exceptional sound quality and coverage in a wide variety of venues. With the SA220, the performer and audience hear exactly the same sound, meaning there is no need for separate wedge monitors or a combo amp backline. And because the SA220 is voiced for the singer/songwriter, acoustic instruments and vocals ar...

An Amp for the Unplugged
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Fishman - Loudbox Mini

With the expectations for quality and clarity that comes with the Fishman name, acoustic instrument performers will be amazed at the Loudbox Mini. This small package, just under one cubic foot, places 60 Watts of power at your command. With two channels, a high-impedance instrument and a low impedance microphone channel, you can blend two sources from your instrument or add a vocal microphone.Come in and listen to what you don't hear in this amplifier so your instrument can be cleanly ...

Head 12 Watt Reverb & Tremelo

VHT - Special 12/20RTH Head

Building on the success of the popular VHT Special 6 and Special 6 Ultra, the VHT Special 12/20RTH features increased power (with two power ranges), a unique preamp specifically designed to excel with pedals and multi-effects units, a convenient built-in 9-volt DC pedal power supply, an all-tube buffered effects loop with send and return level controls, VHT's unique Depth and Texture controls, and variable Watts control plus a Pentode/Triode switch plus a Pentode/Triode switch.

Dual 12 Cabinet

VHT - Special 6 212C

VHT Special 6 2x12 cabinet is designed to be paired with the best-selling Special 6 head, and it's also perfect for the new Special 6 Ultra. The 2x12 is assembled from high quality birch plywood in an open-back cabinet design. The Special 6 2x12 is outfitted with two 12" VHT ChromeBack 16-ohm speakers , a stereo/mono switch (with isolated ground paths in stereo mode for no hum issues) and a high-quality, durable, recessed leather handle.

With their British-voiced cones, larg...

Closed Back 1 X 12

VHT - Special 6 112C-C

The Special 6 cabinet is assembled from high-grade birch ply that is finger-jointed at the seams for optimal resonance. In a closed-back cabinet with VHT's Chrome-Back speaker, the cabinet is covered in black tolex with a VHT faceplate.

Tremelo / Reverb Pedal

VHT - Melo-Verb

The VHT Melo-Verb tremolo and reverb pedal recreates the classic tube-driven effects that were first introduced as built-in amplifier features in the ‘60s, plus it features some modern refinements for additional versatility. The two effects sections are completely independent, with separate true-bypass switching.


The all-analog Tremolo section features classic Speed and Intensity controls, ...

Overdrive Pedal

VHT - V-Drive

From clean boost to creamy-smooth sustain to raging harmonic complexity, the new VHT V-Drive overdrive pedal's unique controls offer an amazingly wide range of tones and textures at an awesome value. In addition to standard Drive and Volume controls, the VHT V-Drive offers four more unique controls:


The V-Drive's 11-position Select switch provides ten different clipping diode configurations plus a cl...

Affordable Handwired Tube Amp

VHT - Special 6 Ultra Head

The Special 6 Ultra’s added gain stage provides plenty of overdrive for searing leads, bone-crushing crunch, and gristly grind, while its amazingly effective variable Watts control can reduce the volume to whisper-quiet bedroom practice levels — while maintaining the same overdriven tone, texture and dynamic feel.

VHT is focused on making all-tube amps as accessibly priced as possible.

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